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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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abandons the victim in their car and runs off. at least two of the places appear to be near metro stops. westfield wheaton is steps from a metro stop. so that could be how the suspect is coming here to commit his alleged crimes. police believe he is between 35 and 45 years old. andrea mccarron 9news now. andrea, thank you. tonight a surprise move from the washington capitals. bruce boudreaux is out as head coach and a face well-known to fans will take over behind the bench. >> reporter: bruce boudreaux took over a last place capital team in 2007 and turned them into one of the best in the league. but his past success didn't override his present struggles. under the watchful eye of the
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owner, the caps held their first practice in four years without bruce boudreaux. >> boudreaux's team is going to have to be sharp. >> reporter: the popular coach was told early monday morning that he was fired. almost four years to the day he replaced glenn hamlin as head coach. amid rumors boudreaux had lost control of the locker room, gm george mcafee felt it was time for a change. >> this was simply a case of the players were no longer responding to bruce. >> reporter: the change comes two days after the caps lost 5- 1 to an injury-riddled buffalo team, leaving the players with a sense of guilt that gabby had to take the fall. >> we weren't playing as well as we should have. >> reporter: shouldered with the challenge of getting the caps back on track is a man very familiar to the organization and long time fans. dale hunter played in
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washington for 1212 seasons. his last four, he served as captain and is one of four capitals to have his number retired. for hunter, this was an offer he couldn't refuse. >> i employed a lot of hockey here and i have been cheering for the caps since i left here. so i guess i'm the one rooting for them still. so it's always been that way. >> reporter: dale hunter is the fastest coach to get to 300 and 400 wins in the ontario hockey league. but he has never coached in the pros before. our facebook page is lighting up with your comments. levine that hurlly says what? here we go, just like the redskins. david white writes really? that is what i call shaking things up. david referring to the rumors
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that ov, and boudreaux didn't see eye to eye any more. coming up, more on this back to you. derek hughes university said the audiotape that surfaced in the sex scandal surrounding bernie fine was not provided to university officials who investigated the original allegation six years ago. manuel gallegos has the latest on the accusations that forced out the long time assistant coach. >> reporter: syracuse university fired assistant basketball coach bernie fine after a third allegation of sexual abuse and the discovery of a 10-year-old audio recording. on the tape, fine's wife acknowledges her husband's alleged sexual abuse while speaking with one of his accusers, bobby davis. >> bernie is also in denial. i think he somehow through all mental threap any put it out of
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his mind. >> david accuses the coach of moll leafing him in the coach's home at syracuse. davis was a ball boy for six years. >> he grabbed my hand and. >> reporter: during the call, laurie fine talked about confronting her husband. >> find yourself a gay boy. >> davis also claims he had a sexual relationship with fine's wife when he was 18. and now, there is a third accuser. 23-year-old zach thomas sellly says fine molested him when he was 13. >> he put his hand down my shorts and began to fondle me. >> reporter: he faces sexual assault charges in maine and his father says he is lying about fine. fine denies all the allegations, but he has lost support from the university and from the head coach. on facebook, the coach said i deeply regret any statements i made that might have been insensitive to victims of abuse.
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fine has not been charged with any crimes. manuel gallegos, cbs news. the allegations at syracuse come on the heels of the sex abuse scandal at penn state where former assistant football coach jerry sandusky has been charged with multiple counts of child abuse. this just in. stephanie swab has struck again. the 26-year-old behind a one woman crime spree is now wanted for attempted carjacking in baltimore county. she stopped a driver on thanksgiving day. the driver in the car, a woman, fought back and was stabbed in the hand during the scuffle. you may remember she is also wanted for two bank robberies in northern virginia. these are surveillance photos from one of the robberies in fairfax county. she is also wanted for an armed car jack that go occurred in the tyson's galleria parking lot. if you have any information
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about her whereabouts, call police. residents are waiting and wondering to see if a neighbor under a cloud of suspicion will be coming home from aruba tomorrow. gary giardano is expected to be released after nearly four months of detention while investigators looked into the mysterious disappearance of his traveling companion robyn gardner. now he is going to be out. >> looks like he is potentially headed home. he will be free to leave the island immediately pop his release tomorrow and it may be the case that he will be headed home to be facing some significant legal challenges. >> giardano will not find his home exactly as he left it thanks to an fbi search in august. among them, this one posted to a facebook site dedicated for robyn gardner earlier today. he will not have a moment of
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peace wrote one poster. watch your back. meanwhile a source close to previous investigations have said prosecutors may consider renewing a local criminal case against him according to this montgomery county search warrant, giardano expected for not allegedly charged for allegedly choking and beating a woman in his home and secretly videotaping women. meanwhile, giardano could face a fight with insurers should he try to collect on the $1.5 million travel policy he took out on his missing traveling companion. aruba's prosecutor said gardner is presumed dead but an a judge says there is not enough evidence to continue holding giardano as a suspect. >> he is expected to be released from the prison sometime late tomorrow afternoon, potentially available to catch flights off
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the island as lituate as 5:00 p.m. his lawyer in aruba says he will be headed home, to maryland and meanwhile, there is going to be an appeal of his release. but that done happen until wednesday. he will likely already be gone and that is just the way the justice system works there. >> no evidence, you can't hold him though. >> that is what the prosecutor in aruba says. meantime a connecticut judge has ordered the east coast rapist be moved to virginia to stand trial. aaron thomas is charged with raping a woman in new haven in 2007. authorities say dna confirms he is also responsible for rapes and attacks on 17 women from virginia to connecticut, over the course of about ten years. virginia prosecutors petitioned to have thomas face trial there first, and prosecutors in connecticut agreed to that request. he thinks he is christ. and that president obama is the antichrist. but a psychologist still thinks
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the man is competent to stand trial. live at united states district court, a federal magistrate just put off an arraignment for accused white house shooter oscar ortega hernandez. bruce? >> reporter: a 15 minute hearing here, but we did learn one thing. >> i am the modern day jesus christ that you all have been waiting for. >> reporter: an alexandria psychologist thinks oscar romero ortega hernandez is able to assist in his own defense. the conclusion was he was competent to stand trial for allegedly trying to assassinate president obama. but prosecutors think 50 minutes is way too short of an exam. today, they asked a judge to order a full psychiatric work up, this is a guy who allegedly packed up a high powered arrive
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and drove from idaho to take at least nine pot shots at the white house family quarters. one round allegedly broke a window, but was stopped by the bullet resistant glass there, earlier this month. ortega hernandez allegedly told friends that president obama is the devil, and that he wants to implant gps chips in our children. and he allegedly said to friends that he needed to kill the president. now ortega hernandez sat quietly here in the courtroom, just said yes, sir, and yes, your honor, when he was asked questions by the image administration. -- the magistrate. still no arrests in a deading shooting outside edu pontchartrain -- out, dupont
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circle. this happened in the early morning hours of sunday morning. another three were stabbed along connecticut avenue near n, street. a fight in the club spilled out onto the sidewalk. coming up at 6:00, security measures the district is now considering to help keep late night restaurants and their patrons safe. also coming up, northern virginia schools no longer have to be afraid to donate those unopened prepackaged food to area pantries. it is so nice outside, hard to believe we are looking at the end of november. still 70 in fredericksburg. 68 downtown. 54 in oakland. we'll come back. we are going to have a temperature correction. we'll talk about that and tell you how dramatic it is going to be. up next the holiday shopping season is off to a strong start and retailers hope the good times keep on going this cyber monday. tuesday morning on 9news now, they are at atms, stores,
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but cameras on the outside of school buses? >> we'll tell you how much the 12 days of christmas costs this year. jessica is adding it all up for us
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we want to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year.
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ocean springs is recalling craze sins. for dried cranberries. the best buy dates vary from october 27 through november of 2013. you'll find all the details you want to know about this on our website, wusa black friday was a great, robust start for retailers. the national retail federation says a record 226 million of us took the bait of big discounts and early store openings on thanksgiving day. the average holiday shopper she would out nearly $400. nearly $32 than a year ago. black friday sales totaled $11.4 billion. up 7% from last year. that is the biggest year over year increase since 2007. an online retailers hope people will continue to spend
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today on cyber monday. they are offering deep discounts on deals and shipping and according to ibm's core metrics, online sales have been steady and brisk. >> a record number of people, more than 200 million, opened their wallets this weekend. even though they are back to work. consumers are still shopping bargain hunt go on line. >> there's got to be a new deal all the time to keep customers coming back. cyber monday is just another vehicle for that. >> reporter: industry trackers say nearly half of the online retailers are offering cyber monday discounts. a third will have free shipping. whether online or in stores, the more we shop the more cash goes into the economy. wall street is already celebrating. the stock market closed up about 300 points and economists are hoping the black friday enthusiasm continues. >> we don't know if that is the desperate consumer trying to get the best purchase price or if it
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is going to last into the holiday season. >> most americans say they will split between stores and online. but the long lines are part of the experience. >> i like to be in the stores. i like everything immediate. >> reporter: the challenge for retailers now, keep us all excited, so their registers will keep ringing straight will you the holidays. >> if you still plan to take in cyber monday or cyber week deals, do it the safe way. get the e-mail links that come to you and instead go straight to the website. only shop legitimate websites. look for htt p.s. in the line where you type in the words. pay with a credit card for more protection. if you want to purchase all the items mentioned in the 12 days of christmas carol, it would now cost you more than $100,000 to do so. financial services group pnc says the price of all 364 gifts
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in that song rose more than 4% than last year. the partridge in a pear tree and the turtle dove, their prices up 25% of the the most expensive stuff in the song the seven swans swimming. if upped to buy those birds for christmas it would run i a whopping $6300. the united states capital christmas tree is in town t got here today. the 63-foot white fir came all the way from the california sierra nevada mountains. it will be put up and then decorated .10 thousand led lights, more than 2,000 hand made ornaments. the tree lighting ceremony takes place on tuesday, december 6th, and it is a big deal. >> keep the weather like this. >> it looks like a tall charlie brown tree. >> skinny.
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>> once you get the decorations on there you won't even notice it. i did something i've never done so early in the season. i put lights up. i mean your hands weren't freezing, it was not a bad deal. felt kind of guilty doing it. >> i thought you were going to say rake leaves. >> i did cut the grass. >> let's start with temperatures because the grass is still growing. 68 degrees in arlington. generally upper 60s to near 70 across the board, and this is with some clouds today. we had full sun, everybody would have hit 70. looking at temperatures going up to 70. 66 still in rockville. 63 in gaithersburg. 63 in leesburg. look to the south and east. 67 in andrews, cooler by the water, 5 at annapolis. here's our next storm, easy to pick out there. the good news is, it will not get here until late tonight or tomorrow the bad news is, we are
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going to realize we are still in november. in the meantime, heavy activity through the ohio and tennessee valleys. notice it is west of us. so you can go outside and enjoy this nice weather. put your lights up, if you want to. dry at least through midnight. no problems until tomorrow morning. locate your umbrella. breezy and mild tonight. looks like a wet commute tomorrow, possibly a wet evening commute. the silver like going to be mild on tuesday. here's our futurecast. notice the clouds across the metro area. no green blobs until you get west of the divide. now early in the morning showers showing up now in lowdon county. if you are coming in 66 eastbound, coming in early, the bulk of the rain showers should fall either side of lunch hour. noticing now we see yellow,
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heavier activity up toward frederick and down south in fredericksburg. the good news as it moves quickly by evening, look at this, rain goes to snow, west of the divide. probably about 10:00 tomorrow night continuing to wednesday morning. breezy and mild showers. not until after midnight. lows around 55. by morning primarily showers in the morning. not organized activity. 50s and 60s. by afternoon that is the best chance for rain and showers. next 7 days, it is going to get colder. quite frankly, these are the average temperatures. mid-50s on thursday and friday and saturday. but that is average and seasonable my friends. look at there. skins in town on sunday. temperatures near 60, next chance of rain will be monday with temperatures in the upper 50s. >> unbelievable.
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>> a slow start. another good looking weekend on the way though. coming up, a woman gets off a flight and gives birth at bwi airport. should she have been on that plane in the first place? coming up next a big taxi cab fare hike. rolling stone's list of the greatest players. jimi hendrix, eric clapton, jimmy page, keith richards, and jeff beck. we'll be right back.
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sky 9 out over lowdon county today. an emergency crew recovering the body of a 49-year-old man who had disappeared into an ashburn reservoir. authorities say anthony decree vana and his son were in a canoe that capsized yesterday. bystanders managed to rescue the boy, he was answering a life jacket. his father was not wearing one. and he was not so lucky. a police helicopter crew
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assisted in the search. you have got a chance to weigh in on a proposal to raise taxi fares in the district. they are considering nearly doubling the rate from $1.50 per mile to $2.75 a mile. surcharges for extra riders or luggage would be dropped under this new plan. a public hearing on the fares will be held tomorrow. they say they need to be compensated for the high cost of living in the district. to a dramatic rescue in the california desert. cell phone video shows strangers rushing to the aid of three people who were pinned underneath a pickup truck in riverside county. about a does seen people lifted up the pickup after it rolled over. the bystanders pulled one female passenger to safety. she and a second passenger survived. the driver did not. and russia is showering praise on prince william for helping
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to rescue two ship wrecked sailors. prince william so piloted a helicopter. the prince's crew was the first to arrive on the scene in the irish sea. the body of one sailor has been recovered. the search continues for five snooze if you don't believe old grudges diehard, check out these two old senior citizens here. how come the fists are flying? at bwi yesterday a woman gave birth to a baby inside an airport bath room minutes after getting off a flight. it is raising questions about how late in a pregnancy women should be allowed to fly. we'll talk about it, coming up. >> reporter: keeping this food pantry refrigerator stocked with unused milk and yogurt but the county put a stop to it. i'm peggy fox, i'll tell you how the program could get flowing again.
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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you would think an elementary food donation program would get high praise from county official. but in fairfax county the school system's food services department shut down a program giving to a local food pantry. peggy fox is here to tell us why and awhat's being done to get this thing going again. what happened? >> reporter: cafeterias have a
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lot of rules to follow to keep food safe and one is to keep food that needs to be cold refrigerated. because of that rule local health testimonys forced schools that were sending up unopened dairy products to food pantries to stop. but now, congress has stepped in. this food pantry refrigerator has been empty since june. the last time students at elementary school in mcclain sent over unopened containers of milk and yogurt. now the dairy items can only be given when someone drops them off. >> we have a lot of women, small children, pregnant women and homeless people. they often use that milk ask yogurt as another source for protein. >> reporter: last year churchill elementary school sent over dozens of milks and yogurts to share every week. but this year it was what would by the county out of concern over items that need to be
5:31 pm
refrigerated. the principal was not pleased the program got nixed. >> i get frustrated whether we can't do things that help other people. i realize outside courses are trying to act for the best of our community. but anything we can do to provide support and help and allow our children to be positively involved is wonderful. >> reporter: now the school donation program could start up again soon, thanks to congressman frank wolf. he added language to a bill that is now law, which protects donors who give to good banks in good faith, from all liability. that means schools can stop throwing out their unopened food. >> it killed me, first of all, because i'm a taxpayer. secondly, because we have people in need right here in our communities, that could really use that food. so that is bonnie o'neill, the director of share. she says we have strict rules, the schools have strict rules about keeping this food refrigerated and the distance afrom the school to the pantry
5:32 pm
is not that great. so there is not going to be a lot of time lost. >> i was going to ask that. there is not a long transport time. >> >> reporter: rights. it is a mile away, if that. we are hoping it gets started again. jury selection has begun in baltimore in the trial of an aide to former maryland governor. paul shirley is accused of using calls to suppress support for the governor. the judge in the case today said his wife answered one of those calls but he did not believe that would hurt his impartiality. his lawyers want the case to be dismissed on procedural and constitutional grounds. one of congress's most influential members is calling it quits after more than three decades on the job. massachusetts democrat barney frank says he will not run for reelection. he was one of the first lawmakers to announce he is
5:33 pm
gay. he has had a business and i stressful four years dealing with financial reform. the outspoken liberal would have faced a tough reelection challenge because of redistricting for earlier this morning police in riot gear moved in on the anti wall street protesters. hundreds of demonstrators flooded those streets around city hall. when the midnight deadline came to pack up their camp, came and went. a few minor scuffles, a few arrests. it would give them plenty of time to move out. meantime over in egypt the turnout is heavy in that nation's first parliamentary elections since the overthrow of former president hosni mubarak. there have been fears the vote might be delayed after deadly protests of the interim military leaders, but this morning, long lines started forming at thepology places around cairo as security guards stood nearby.
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meanwhile those three american college students arrested in cairo, are back home now. one of them is derek sweeney, he and his mom appeared on the cbs early show from his home in jefferson city, missouri. >> there is a fight for democracy and for liberty and freedom. i really enjoy politics personally. and i do believe that they are fighting for something valuable and i had a strong desire to go see what was there. i suppose i'm a curious person. >> reporter: sweeney says the soldiers threatened to kill the young men if they didn't cooperate. they were accused of throwing molotov cocktails at security forces. sweeney was just standing there and never threw anything. airports on a sunday after thanksgiving, incredibly busy. but yesterday there was extra
5:35 pm
chaos at bwi. >> reporter: i woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the floor of a bathroom. with the help of a police officer. the woman had just gotten off her flight. >> reporter: you have heard of family assist restrooms or baby changing stations. but a baby delivery room? >> about 2:20 p.m. sunday afternoon a report of a woman in labor in restroom here at the airport. the woman was a passenger who had arrived shortly beforehand here. >> reporter: we still don't know why she was flying or how far along she was. but minutes after arriving, she gave birth in an airport bathroom to a healthy baby boy. >> that is quite a shocker. >> i think it is very unsanitary. >> the incident is raising questions now about how late into a pregnancy that women should be aplowed loud to fly. >> in the last trimester i think they shouldn't be able to board the plane at all. >> certainly up to the eighth month i wouldn't see any problem
5:36 pm
with it. >> reporter: the pregnancy policy varies. delta frontier and southwest have no restrictions. but continental, jetblue, u.s. airways and virgin require a doctor's letter if traveling within 7 days of the due date and american airlines, spirit and united all require a doctor's note a full month before the due date. both mom and child are recovering at a nearby hospital. the question now, what to name the baby? and marshall. >> reporter: kristen fisher, 9news now. in case you are wondering, the woman was assisted in the bathroom by a maryland transportation authority police officer, and the airport's fire and rescue department. up next, some new guidelines in terms of treating babies who may have flat heeding -- flat
5:37 pm
head syndrome. aren't these guys old enough to know better? apparently not. remember we are always on, on wusa çñ
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caught on tape. two former ballers, who apparently forgot they are not that young any more. they are two 73-year-olds. and they got up and started throwing punches. >> the fists started flying. one man offered the other guy a willed flower. apparently the two have a grudge that goes back nearly 50 years and one of the men lady dirty hit on the other's teammate during the 1963 gray cup. let it go, dudes. let it go. frosty the snowman is a not so jolly soul. 52-year-old michael walsh was dressed as the character saturday when he got into an argument with police on maryland's eastern shore. do you see them taking frosty down? walsh said an officer hassled him, and it led to this. after his arrest, walsh was released on his own personal
5:41 pm
recognizance. >> wow. all right. our hot holiday today. caught on tape. does not have any drama, no canes, nobody getting arrested. but there is going to be some noise. >> it has a transformer's look to it. >> reporter: this is smoky, the fire truck, reporting for duty. makes a lot of noise. he talks, he tells jokes, he sings. he makes noise. he gets the lights and sirens going. >> this is, this is hisanori stray, his -- this is his spray, his american states water company spray. whoa, the water ball. just in case you missed it. take two. by the way, you should not put real water in here. you shouldn't put any dirt in here, sells for about $60, but we found smoky the fire truck on sale for $39.99 on >> every toy you bring in here
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is loud as all get out. >> i think there is a theme. it is interactive. it is loud, engaging. >> pretty cool, actually. >> i'll tell what you. not cool out here at all. temperatures still in the 60s across the board. 68 downtown, we'll come back and tem you when you are going to need your umbrella and when you are going to need your topcoat. up next, new guidelines for a common problem. what should parents do if your cute little baby's head isn't so round any more what cause if his and how to treat it, we'll talk about this syndrome in our health alert, next. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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this is major jason johnson coming to you from kabul, afghanistan. hi and happy holidays to my wife shale la and my kids, love you guys and see you soon.
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when babies are first born their heads are kind of soft. and more of them are getting flat heads from sleeping on their backs. in tonight's health avolterra the american academy of pediatrics has new guidelines on what to do about it. >> reporter: one side of vincent ant the interpublic group which i's head is flat. so the four-month-old is wearing a helmet to try to reshape it. >> i was really concerned. >> reporter: there has been in increase in children with this flat head syndrome since doctors recommend babies be put to sleep on their back. now the american academy of pediatrics is out with guidelines. physical therapy of the neck muscles can correct most cases. >> these deformities do happen. most are benign. >> reporter: the report says parents should keep babies off their backs as much as possible
5:47 pm
during the day. increase tummy play time, limit the car seat, swing or bouncy seat and turn the child's head each night from left to right in the crib. doctors say if there is no improvement in six months time, parents should see a specialist. but in more severe cases, acting soon soldier best. if we know the child is going to need the helmet anyway, i recommend not waiting. the younger the baby is, the softer the bones are and the faster the bones grow. >> reporter: the ant the interpublic group which is tried other measures. >> i knew it wasn't going to get better on its own. >> reporter: now little vincent is going to have to wear that helmet for about three months. his parents already see a difference after about three weeks. the helmets are have no danger aspect for kids. researchers say changing positions they recommend first. a whole bunch of adults
5:48 pm
with flat heads. >> that is why some of you shouldn't have babies, right? to reinforce the point. >> we want you to know what we talk about, when we are not actually talking to you. we have been talking about the heat. >> you know, 70 today. unbelievable. our average high is 53. they want me to get the temperatures. all right. here we go. temperatures in the 60s still. across the area. 64 in bethesda. 65 in rockville and low 60s up to the north. it is unbelievable for this time of year. even out to sterling it is 67 and 66 in leesburg. satellite picture radar combined. these showers are going to get here. but not for awhile. not until after midnight and the bulk of the rain will come to the lunch hour. breezy and mild tonight. a wet morning commute. a wet evening commute.
5:49 pm
it will be mild on tuesday. mostly cloudy breezy showers after midnight. it is warm, lows around 55. winds southwest 10 to 15. by morning mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. showers 50s and 60s. enough to make it a wet commute but nothing heavy tomorrow morning. by afternoon much better chance for organized rain and showers the front goes through. highs between 60 and 65. winds southeasterly at 10 to 15. it is going to get colder. really back to average. 52 on wednesday. 59 on thursday friday and saturday. all with sunshine. very nice. skins in town sunday. temperatures near 60. next chance of rain after tomorrow will be next monday with highs in the upper 50s for near 60. for the first time in seven weeks, we got a victory win to talk about.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: thanks leslie. to quote derek mcgintyty, they finally found a team that was worse than them. on this victory monday, after the redskins beat the seattle seahawks 23-17 yesterday. another decent offensive performance. the corner been turned? or is this a fluke? >> they have found teams that were worse before and couldn't beat them. the fact is they have turned a corner. on offense with rex grossman, a passing game with. if they do it next week, i'll think it. >> baby cities. >> as a former running back, roy that lou -- roy, his breakout game, what was so impressive
5:51 pm
about him yesterday. >> he ran the ball well. blocked very well. they want to make guys wait because they are young. you don't get experience, sitting on the sideline. you get experience being on the football field. put him on the field, let him go. he proved yesterday it was good. deangelo hall last week, said to us in the locker room, or apparently said to us. >> we were there you know he said t. >> he says he didn't say it. this week a big come back game for him. >> played a really strong game. mike williams and rice, best receivers. no catches. time now for our experts to grade the game. david, we'll start with you on offense? >> a b. rex still had two picks and they had no points after the first touchdown. they had a huge stretch.
5:52 pm
>> b minus. for the same reason. defense david? >> they were much, much better, jackson did nothing on the passing game. owens ended up with 100 yards but he wasn't a huge factor. a minus. >> c. when i look at this deal, they had a guy who had a torn muscle and couldn't throw the ball well. you should shut that down. coaching? >> shanahan's guys props this time. a minus. kyle shanahan started the right running back with his dad's advice and it kind of all worked. >> c. >> wow. >> they still had all this hyped about this win, still it was an average performance. playing against an average team. average performance. thank you guys so much.
5:53 pm
david el fin, brian mitchell, leslie, we'll send it back over to you is that still ahead, gunfire breaks out at a restaurant turned nightclub in the heart of a popular dc neighborhood. what the city wants to do, to keep people safe. plus you don't need to tell us the traffic is bad. with you a -- but a lack of action on capitol hill could proceed 300,000 passengers to the equation. we'll talk about that. up next, rebuilding together. a look at the heroes making a difference in our community. that is next.
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okay. so how would you like it if a team of skilled workers came over to your house and then made all the repairs absolutely free of charge? >> i like that a lot. that is exactly what rebuilding together does. j. c. hayward shows us how in today's hero central report. >> reporter: rebuilding together of washington, d.c. makes free repairs for low income homeowners. especially veterans, the elderly, disabled, and families with children. they also renovate community facilities that serve their target population. what we do is perform free repairs at community facilities all around the city. many of the focus on homeless families being served. they have a place too wash their clothes. they have a place to get a meal. today volunteers from the washington nationals are
5:57 pm
working at shirley's place. a homeless center that offers showers, food and a comforting environment. >> this is something we look forward to with the nationals every year. we do this once a year out in the community. we really get a lot of personal satisfaction out of doing this type of project. >> skilled workers are building shelves, installing cabinets, and even adding a play area for children. walls are being pained, and shirley's place will have a fresh new look. >> i'm really glad. they are doing a lot of restoration. even though it is a beautiful place in the beginning, i'm really excited about the children's area. and i'm sure my daughter is going to be really excited, too. >> reporter: you or your organization can actually sponsor a home repair project. just assemble a group of volunteers to do the work and rebuilding together of
5:58 pm
washington, d.c. will work with you. they will match you up with a needy homeowner and guide you step by step. >> our files bulge with thank you notes for saying thank you, i can now stay in my home. be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. this is where people want to stay. they don't want to be removed and go to a nursing facility. they want to stay in their house. what we do allows people to stay. i'm j. c. hayward 9news now. rebuilding together celebrates its 29th anniversary next year. visit j. c. this is 9news now. deadly violence this weekend at a connecticut avenue restaurant prompts the owners, city and police to re-examine what goes on when seating establishments turn into nightclubs on weekends. our bruce johnson is live in
5:59 pm
dupont circle. >> reporter: that way north and back down here south is downtown washington. this is a fairly incredible trip here. get restaurant. the heritage india restaurant where the violence occurs this past week. the place is pad locked today. the police chief did that. she has authority to keep it closed. now we learned if this place is to open up again with a liquor license the owner may have to agree to an outside police presence and he will have to pay for it. >> you have a lot of tape to look at. >> that's correct. >> reporter: dc police were back on the scene in the 1300 block of the street. >> there was an altercation that began inside the club. the security inside the club attempted to close the club down and push everyone outside


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